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Estimated Delivery Date
17/05/2020, By End Of Day
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Birmingham, AL, Unkited kingdom.

Package Details
Origin: Orcodia Australia
Destination: Australia
Services: Road Freight
Type: Briefcase
Weight: 70Kg
Pickup Time: 17/03/2021
Description: Package is in transit.
Sender Info
Sender Name: John Q Man
Phone No: +77-392-281-2881
Email Address:
House Address: 217 Summit Boulevard
Recipient Information
Recipient Name: Mary Karen Lee
Phone: +77-392-281-2881
Email Address:
House Address: 217 Summit Boulevard

Travel History

Tracking No Location Status Date Comment
ORCX1ABSV7N Richland, WA, USA In Transit 2021-01-19 Package In Transit
ORCB1ABSV7N Richland, WA, UK Delivered 2021-01-21 Package Delivered
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